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What To Know About Apartment Complex Laundry Room Etiquette

What To Know About Apartment Complex Laundry Room Etiquette

Some apartment communities offer on-site laundry, which is significantly more convenient than transporting your clothes to a laundromat. Many new residents find themselves wondering what etiquette they need to know to ensure that they are respectful of their neighbors. To help make doing your laundry alongside other residents as painless as possible, keep reading as we explore what you need to know about apartment complex laundry room etiquette.

Help Maintain a Clean Laundry Room

One of the most important things you can do to respect your neighbors is to keep the laundry room as clean as possible. This includes ensuring that you throw away your used dryer sheets, cleaning up any spilled detergent, and cleaning the lint screen from the communal dryer. Cleaning out the lint is particularly important as it ensures that the dryer runs efficiently for the next person, and it reduces the risk of a fire. 

As a courtesy to your fellow residents, you should also refrain from throwing food trash in the laundry room trash can. The garbage can in the laundry room is for lint, dryer sheets, and empty detergent bottles. If you put the remains of your sandwich in the laundry room trash can, this could cause several problems. The fact is that laundry room trash cans may not be emptied that frequently, and old food could start to smell or attract pests fairly quickly.   

a row of washing machines in a laundromat

Be Respectful of Other People's Time

Another key aspect of laundry room etiquette is to respect other people's time. Remember that you may not be the only one trying to do laundry on a given day, so try not to monopolize this shared space. While this may mean staggering your laundry throughout the week instead of doing it all in one day, limiting how long you use the laundry room in a day and the number of machines you use at a time is essential to ensure your neighbors also have a chance to do their laundry.

To help ensure that you don't monopolize the laundry facilities, you should also make sure that you only do laundry when you have time to finish it. In other words, don't start a load of laundry and then leave to run errands for a few hours. This is inconsiderate, as once your laundry is done, it will take up space and prevent others from doing laundry. Instead, only do laundry when you are home, and set a timer on your phone to remind you when your laundry will be done. This ensures that you are efficient and respectful of your neighbors' time. 

Prepare Before You Arrive

Another great way to be courteous to your neighbors when using your community laundry room is to make sure that you are prepared before you arrive. Having your supplies, dirty clothes, and payment ready to go will ensure that you are efficient and respect everyone's time. 


Organize Your Clothes in Advance

One way that you can prepare before leaving your apartment is to organize your clothes in advance. If you prefer to sort your clothes by color when washing them, do this at home so that you do not take up space and time sorting your clothes in the community laundry room. Additionally, if you need to soak or pre-treat stains, do this ahead of time as well. 

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Gather Your Supplies

Before you leave your house, you should also double-check that you have all of the supplies you will need to do your laundry, including detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and quarters (if necessary). This will prevent you from having to waste time gathering supplies after you've already loaded the washer. 

Whatever you do, do not use other people's supplies. Just because someone left their bottle of detergent on top of the washer while their laundry was running doesn't mean it's communal. The fact is that using someone else's supplies is an easy way to make enemies in your community. Instead, consider storing your laundry supplies in your laundry basket so that they are always with you when you head to the laundry room.   


Know Your Laundry Room's Rules

You should also familiarize yourself with your community's rules and hours regarding the laundry facilities. While it may seem like a good idea to do your laundry at midnight when you won't have to wait for a machine, this may go against your community's quiet hours. Familiarize yourself with your community's policies before you do laundry for the first time to see if there are specific hours or if you need to get a key from the office to do laundry.   

Be Courteous 

The most important laundry room etiquette to remember is that this is a shared space, and you should try to be courteous to your neighbors. One of the biggest etiquette mistakes people make in community laundry rooms is moving other people's laundry. While it can be frustrating when someone's clothes are sitting in the washer/dryer, and you need to start some laundry, refrain from taking them out, as your neighbors may not want you touching their clothes. Additionally, while you may think that you are helping your neighbor by moving their wet clothes from the washer to the dryer, not all clothes can be dried, and you may risk ruining their laundry by putting them in the dryer. Instead, try to be patient and remember that sometimes people simply forget their laundry. If you know who the clothes belong to, consider letting them know that their laundry is done so that they can come retrieve it.  

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While trying to navigate laundry room etiquette can seem overwhelming at first, showing common courtesy by respecting everyone's belongings and space can go a long way. 

If you are a current or future resident of Palo Duro Place Apartments, feel free to contact us to learn about our community's laundry room policies and for advice on laundry room etiquette.