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Palo Duro Place Blog

Palo Duro Place Blog

Easiest Pets to Take Care of in an Apartment

 If you're exploring apartment options, make sure you choose one where you can have a pet so that you have a friendly companion to greet you and make you happy.

Spend time considering the best types of pets for your new space. 

a laundry basket full of clothes on a white

Apartment Complex Laundry Room Etiquette: What You Need to Know

 Many new residents find themselves wondering what etiquette they need to know to ensure that they are respectful of their neighbors. To help make doing your laundry alongside other residents as painless as possible, keep reading as we explore what you need to know about apartment complex laundry room etiquette.

a dirt road in a field with a mountain in the background

Guide to The Best Parks in Amarillo, TX

 One of the best ways to explore Amarillo and see what makes it unique is to visit one of the area's local parks. Parks in Amarillo offer a variety of activities and scenery. Whether you like to hike or just love the views, Amarillo has a park for you!