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Easiest Pets to Take Care of in an Apartment

Easiest Pets to Take Care of in an Apartment

Are you aware that having a pet can reduce blood pressure and stress levels? If you're exploring apartment options, make sure you choose one where you can have a pet. Then you'll always have a friendly companion to greet you and make you happy.

Spend time considering the best types of pets for your new space. Keep reading to learn about the easiest pets to take care of in an apartment!

Cuddle with a Cat

Cats make some of the best apartment pets. Just be sure to choose a breed that's not too vocal or high-energy. A Bengal cat, for instance, might need more room to roam and expend energy than you can provide. Most cats are content to lounge around for up to 16 hours each day. You won't have to do much to keep them entertained. And the sweetest cats will find their way to your lap the moment you're sitting on the couch. Cats won't consume much of a footprint in your apartment, either. You'll need a litter box, bed, and some simple toys to provide a little activity. Consider adding some shelves or window perches, too, so they can get in some climbing.

You'll love the fact that you won't need to take cats on walks when it's raining outside. If you're gone for work a lot, though, you may want a pet sitter to stop by and provide playtime activities. When you're choosing an apartment, check to see if they require that a cat is spayed or neutered. Ultimately, most pet friendly apartments will welcome cats. That's in part because they won't produce heavy footsteps or noises that could bother neighbors. 

a cat sitting on the stairs
a golden guinea pig sitting on a wooden floor

Go with a Guinea Pig

You'll love the calming effect of having a guinea pig in your apartment. Guinea pigs are affectionate and smart pets to bring into your home. And they might even want to take naps on your lap! You can find guinea pigs with short or long hair. And one breed, the Texel, actually has curly hair. Find one with the sense of style you want. 

Best of all, you won't need to worry about your pet guinea pig annoying the neighbors with loud noises. These quiet animals will make a wheek noise, but it's not going to keep anyone awake at night. If anything, it will just be another endearing quality of these cuddly animals. If you have kids, you can trust that guinea pigs will be suitable playmates. You can even train them for some evening entertainment. And better yet, you can train them to use a litter box so your cleanup duties won't be difficult.

Consider Betta Fish

Fish make some of the best apartment pets because they're low maintenance. Betta fish are particularly popular because you can keep them in a smaller tank. But you're better off investing in a slightly larger tank, so they have a better quality of life. Even with a bigger tank, you still won't eat up much floor space, and you'll be gaining a beautiful centerpiece in your apartment. Add some aquatic plants and multi-color stones to your tank to create a stunning environment. 

You will need to be attentive to water temperature, and you may only want one fish. Betta fish can be aggressive toward other fish, so avoid having more than one male in the same tank. And to make your betta fish happy, invest in a heater that keeps your tank warm. You'll need to clean the tank every week or so, as well as test the water quality. Besides doing those tasks and feeding your betta fish, you won't have to worry about other responsibilities. Betta fish will be a visual treat for you and your guests. They're bright and vibrant, and they come in a variety of colors. You'll love their elegant long fins and sleek appearance. 

a siamese fighting fish in a fish tank
a white dog running through a grassy field

Adopt a Smaller Dog

Dogs provide loyal companionship and make a great option when you're choosing a pet. You'll want to see if your apartment has any restrictions regarding animal size before adopting one, however. Even if your apartment doesn't have restrictions, be mindful of your activity level and space needs before moving forward.

A Great Dane or Newfoundland, for instance, might not be the most practical dog breed for a really small space. But if you're able to go for frequent walks or trips to the dog park, they might be just fine. Keep in mind, though, that dogs with bigger frames may chew up more floorspace with a bed, crate, and toys. There are plenty of smaller dogs who would work well in tighter spaces, too. Try a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, bulldog, or chihuahua. These smaller pups can curl up next to you for a night of television, and they'll have plenty of space to roam. Ultimately, you should aim to choose dogs who won't bark and be too disruptive. Consider how much exercise a dog breed will require, as well. And if you do want a bigger pup, consider going with a Greyhound since they are quiet and enjoy lazing around.  

Choose the Easiest Pets to Take Care Of

The easiest pets to take care of are the ones that are small and quiet. When choosing a pet, consider a small dog or go with a cat. If you want less conventional types of pets, check out betta fish or smaller breeds of bunnies. When you're ready to make your home in the best pet-friendly apartments in Amarillo, Texas, contact us!